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Game Changers Takeover Main Street in Hugo, OK

Updated: Jan 6

Project G.A.I.N.'s first fundraiser with Game Changers to raise funds for a new youth work-study program.

Hugo, Oklahoma (September 04, 2023) – Game Changers collected loose change for the #ChangeForChange Donation Drive! The first fundraiser to help launch a work-study program for students under the standard age to work at local businesses. Students and mentors waved buckets with smiles at the stop lights on Jackson Street for two hours giving individuals a chance to hear about the new program and get active.

Game Changers raised $1,032.75 !

(September 03, 2023) - Before Labor Day, there was a "check in" at Washington Heights Hope Center! A moment for students to mingle, eat, play games, and talk to the mentors about life. Most of the students were formerly part of Boyz to Men, a youth male mentor group. While PG is not sure how to proceed with B2M. The current focus is finding hands-on training and jobs for the young men and other students as it grows. Students are constantly looking for a safe place to belong while making money. Game Changers is an attempt to make it happen.

It's expected to see the students smile and engaging in conversations with alumni Ron Jones, lawyer, and Sedrick Frierson, highway patrolman! These two mentors are on the ground taking time to connect and helping students take steps to become confident young men. The experiences the mentors share as Hugo citizens and professionals has changed the game for these students. Gamechangers get front row seats to hear the voices of men who were once in their place.

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